Hello from the Free Masketeers,

This is a request for your immediate help for the COVID-19 dire situation in India


At the outset of the pandemic in March 2020, the Free Masketeers held a successful campaign to build a network of willing participants to provide masks and PPE for people and organizations lacking the resources to handle their COVID19 outbreaks without a little assistance. We provided 17,000 masks to 64 hospitals and many nursing homes nationwide for free. We are calling on these connections again to help in another facet of this ongoing health crisis.

Our Ask

Many of us have seen or are directly impacted by the staggering amount of COVID cases in India. Hospitals and healthcare providers in the country are overwhelmed. There are many great ways to organize and provide support for the people there. The Free Masketeers have spent the past week working with our friends, families, and connections in the field in India. We have identified and vetted two organizations that we believe will greatly benefit from our financial support. We believe in their capability to do good and your power to empower their abilities: Click on the URL for additional details on each organization.

• AIR Foundation. (https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/fundraisers/air-foundation-alumni-of-institutions-such-as-aiims-iits-mamc-iims-for-covid-care-facilities) This is a team of Alumni of Indian institutes directly providing care and relief. In partnership with local authorities, they have operationalized a 200-bed Covid Care Center in Chattapur, New Delhi. Money donated goes towards Oxygen Plant, Concentrators, BiPap machines, drugs and hiring staff to care for the patients.

• Khalsa Aid (will do a dollar match for each donation) (https://dvnetwork.org/organizations/khalsa-aid). Founded in 1999, Khalsa Aid provides humanitarian support and disaster relief to communities across the globe regardless of race, religion, caste or gender. They are actively involved in procuring medical equipment (Oxygen Concentrators) to many communities throughout India.

*It is important to note that all donations go 100 percent towards the aid. All personnel are donating their time and service.

Rather than open this as a general online fundraiser, we’d like to use the network we built during our last campaign to spread the word personally to provide aid to these organizations.

Please send this message to others you may know who will be able to help and donate if you can.

The Free Masketeers