Purchase (team lead)

Proper hygiene is critical when making face masks for healthcare providers

Wash your hands for 60 seconds with soap and water

Sterilize your sewing machine with disinfectant

Wash your hands again before continuing to work

Wear a face mask while making a face mask

Materials for Mask (Refer Image Gallery)

  1. Cotton Fabric, 750 thread count or higher

  2. 100% cotton muslin unbleached, pre-washed, perm-press cloth. One yard will provide the inner lining for 20 masks

  3. Bias tape, 1/4th inch width. Each pack includes 4 yards, enough for 2 masks

  4. Coats & Clark all-purpose thread, 500 yards

  5. Metal ball pins

Sample Inventory List for 40 Masks

  1. Main Fabric

    1. Pillow Cases: 4, or

    2. Fitted Sheet: 1

  2. Muslin: 2 yards

  3. Bias tape: 10 packs

  4. Thread: 2 rolls (500 yards)

Extra Supplies

  1. Bags: For pickup/drop off

  2. Small bags for small supplies

  3. Ziplocks: 1/2 gallon size for Ready-To-Pickup Masks

  4. Sharpie, Pen, Notebook

  5. Google sheets to keep track of supplies, volunteer information and updates on masks