Masks FAQ

Proper hygiene is critical when making face masks for healthcare providers

Wash your hands for 60 seconds with soap and water

Sterilize your sewing machine with disinfectant

Wash your hands again before continuing to work

Wear a face mask while making a face mask

1. How do I get materials to make masks?

A. We have a dedicated team of people who are working with the hospitals to cater to their needs.

Based on the requirements and your capacity to create masks, our team will deliver the materials to you at your doorstep with the address you provided in the google sheets.

2. Which pattern are we using?

A. Check the main page of this site for instruction, and there are a photo page and instructional videos for your reference.

Keep in mind the pattern might change once we work with different hospitals along with their specs. We will update the instructions page accordingly.

3. Can I use my materials or allowed to change the pattern if I find it hard?

A. Each hospital has a specification on use of material and specs they can use, altering pattern or using material will only set the project back as the hospitals deny the use of these masks. We are gearing for providing standardized products for optimizing the use of the masks for their safety.

4. What do I do once I complete stitching my mask?

A. Our team will be in touch with you to pick up the products from you. Pack it in a ziplock bag, coordinate with your team leader for pickup.

5. I have a lot of fabric lying around, can I use them to make a mask?

A. As mentioned above in question 3, unless given specific instructions to do so, please do not use them, however, you can practice using the materials at home.

6. Who can I talk with if I have a technical question about sewing the mask?

A. Sonu will be our lead seamstress who will help you. You are encouraged to share your questions in the group. Some amazing talent surrounds you in the group. Everyone helps each other out as we are part of a team.

Remember, there are no dumb questions. You are welcome to add pictures, tips to the group. We love to see your work. You are encouraged to share your questions in the group.

7. My mother, cousin, aunt, etc.. would like to help, how can I get them involved?

A. We work in small teams the best, keeps the group running smoothly. You can always help out by donating. Once we need help, we will be recruiting more members to help.

8. What materials we will be getting?

A. We provide the whole kit that includes the below:

  1. Sheet (for outer layer of mask)

  2. Muslin (for inner layer of mask)

  3. Thread

  4. Bias Tape

  5. Metal ball pins

9. Do we pay for it? If so how much?

You give us your time and passion and commitment to the job.

We do not take any money for kit or for extra material.

10. Where to pick up from?

A. Our volunteers will drop off the materials and pickup ready product. It also depends on the distance but we always work it out.

11. Is there any time frame for returning the finished work?

A. There is some timeframe, but you do your best. How much you can work. We will provide you that much material.

12. Is there any yardage to number of masks ratio given?

A. We provide all the instructions with pictures and videos.