our community is talking about us

"These are very high quality masks made of 800 thread count fabric, designed by a leading hospital with safety and comfort in mind and delivered to us, in our time of need. We appreciate our local community stepping up to support us as we fight to save lives."

Dr. Kadeer M. Halimi @ Washington, O'Connor, St. Louis and San Ramon

"Huge shout out to The Free Masketeers, an amazing team of compassionate people who have helped health care providers with PPE during these crucial COVID times. They donated high quality cloth masks for us and over 2000 masks to other health care providers all over the bay. Heartfelt gratitude for all of you!"

Dr. Anupama Reddy @ Urgent care PAMF

"The Free Masketeers was one of the first groups to come together and provide support in a time of uncertainty. Real everyday people have worked very hard to provide healthcare workers around the bay with masks when we weren't sure if any were even available. I actually cried when I found out what they were doing."

First thing everyone at work asked me when I brought in the masks was... "Can I have one?"

Second thing was "Tell them thank you!"

Susan V, RN

"Thanks so much Masketeers for this wonderful mask to wear in front of my N95. It is super comfortable and it gives me a great seal for my long 10-hour shift. I greatly appreciate your generosity and support."

Shadee, RN

"I have been following the rapid progress of Free Masketeers as they supply face masks for our dedicated health care professionals. I’d like to encourage other Bay Area communities seeking to quickly develop a similar program to reach out to The Free Masketeers for any assistance. They have proven to be a great resource on how to mobilize the wide variety of citizen skill sets to work together and deliver immediate value for hospitals and clinics."

Bill Clarkson, Mayor, City of San Ramon