This information is not a substitute for medical healthcare

The information available on this website is not intended as a substitute for the services or information provided by trained medical and other professionals and/or healthcare providers, such as medical doctors, medical specialists, the emergency services, acute and other mental healthcare providers, physiotherapists and psychotherapists (this is not an exhaustive list).

Neither the information available on this website nor the user options can be considered as a substitute for medical or other professional care, support or information, and are not intended as a tool for performing a diagnosis or self-diagnosis.

The information is intended as general information and is not specifically aimed at an individual person or an individual medical condition experienced by, for example, a visitor to this website or a person the visitor is acquainted with. This means that visitors to this website can attach no diagnostic or therapeutic value to this information in respect of their own medical condition or that of others.

Where a person is ill, suffers from medical issues, is being treated or is performing research, this information is only intended to provide support. In such cases, the information available on this website can act as support when it comes to the contact between the visitor (or his or her family member or other relative) and their therapist, treating physician or other healthcare provider and the recommendations that he or she receives from the latter party.

Visitors are advised to put any medical questions, issues or symptoms to their treating physician or other healthcare professional in good time in order to receive a professional examination, diagnosis and, where appropriate, medical care. We advise visitors to this website to never delay seeking professional care or to disregard medical advice that has been received on the basis of (online) information.

In the event of acute medical issues or psychological problems and where the issues or symptoms become exacerbated, we recommend that visitors to this website immediately contact their own doctor or the emergency services.

‘Self-care information' is not personal advice

In a number of cases the information contains 'self-care recommendations'. Under no circumstances are these recommendations direct medical advice and they never pertain specifically to the individual medical condition of the visitor or to a person on behalf of whom the visitor is seeking information on this website.

Self-care advice must be considered as general guidelines that apply to non-serious, common and everyday issues. But because complications can also occur when it comes to these less-serious issues, it is important that in the event of any doubts and in the event of lasting or more serious issues, the visitor seeks professional medical care.

With regard to the information concerning the use of (self-care) preparations, this information once again under no circumstances constitutes medical advice or information pertaining specifically to the individual medical condition of the visitor or to a person on behalf of whom the visitor is seeking information on this website.

Medical questions

Because The Free Masketeers shall under no circumstances directly (such as telephonically or by email) or indirectly provide medical advice that is intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, emails from visitors to this website that concern questions or requests pertaining to medical and/or psychological issues, for example, the choice of treatment or the results of a specific medical or other treatment shall not be answered.


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