These are extraordinary times. In just over a month, the Coronavirus has paralyzed our woefully unprepared nation and overwhelmed our healthcare system with a massive influx of COVID-19 patients requiring acute care. Each day, heroic doctors, nurses, and frontline caregivers march into battle against the virus without adequate personal protection equipment, fighting to save patients at the risk of their own lives.

The Free Masketeers Hospital Support Program, a San Francisco Bay Area initiative, is aiding their fight by providing hospital-approved cloth masks and KN95 masks. In three short weeks we have recruited over 200 volunteers, many of whom contribute 10-12 hours each day sewing, procuring, and delivering masks to healthcare workers. We are on target to supply 900 masks the first week of April and another 5000 masks the second week, satisfying the needs of 24 healthcare facilities. The Free Masketeers is now scaling up its production and procurement efforts to supply masks to all care facilities in the Bay Area.

Looking to build grass-roots support for your local healthcare workers? We can help.

The Free Masketeers can provide detailed instructions on how to:

  • Manufacture cloth masks that adhere to strict hospital safety specifications

  • Raise funds and garner support from donors and city officials

  • Source KN95 masks and cloth mask supplies from US and international vendors

Join us in saving our healthcare heroes.

Please visit the Donate Here link to join the army of citizens supporting our efforts to assure a healthy outcome in this battle against COVID-19.

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